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Cause Of Commercial Water Damage And How To Clean It Up

Last week we talked about the dangers of flash flooding and how a flash flood can unexpectedly destroy your home and office. Unfortunately, there are many other ways that your office can flood, and as a business owner it’s important that you know what these are, what to do about it, and whom to call. Water damage is serious, and if you are not prepared or don’t have a plan in place when it happens to you, your business could…

The Dangers Of Flash Floods

It can happen in an instant. A little rain turns quickly into a violent flood, and Houston is no stranger to this phenomenon. We experienced massive flash flooding two years in a row — in 2015 and 2016. In June of 2016, Houston had 15 inches of rainfall in a span of 12 hours, and 20 inches a few days later, causing the second 100-year rainstorm in less than a week. But flooding of this magnitude has to be predicted,…

Prepare Your Home and Business For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is approaching quickly. The official start date is June 1, which when you think about it, is right around the corner. Houston hasn’t seen a bad hurricane since the infamous Ike of 2008, and some experts think we are due for a big one. But the scary thing with a hurricane is no matter how much you track them, you never know when one will suddenly turn your way. That’s why it’s very important to have a hurricane…